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Biz-dom Quiz Competition at Satya Prakash Public School

18 Oct 2023

On Day 2 of the event, the Idea Fest continued with an engaging line-up of activities. During the "Biz-dom Quiz" Raghav Rusia and Shivansh Tiwari, both from class 10th, displayed their knowledge and wits, providing powerful answers that impressed the audience. The event then moved to a "Board Room Discussion" where the team demonstrated how efficient and effective company discussions take place, leading to decisions that benefit the company.

In the "Fin Talk" session, the team introduced their self-made start-up, "Electraride" They detailed their plan to invest 50 lakhs in the startup, highlighting the advantages of using electric vehicles in rural areas. What made "Electraride" unique were its portable chargers, setting it apart as a distinctive selling point. The day was a blend of insightful discussions, showcasing the talent and innovation of the participants.

Raghav Rusia and Shivansh Tiwari marked the 2nd position in “Biz-dom Quiz”

Our team bagged the 2nd in “Board Room” (Group activity)

Stemfield International School team was also honoured with the tag of most diligent team of the event.